Membrano EC electrolysis systems

For best water

Produce a fresh disinfection solution on site with the Membrano EC direct or Membano EC tank systems.

Your advantages

  • Suitable for all pools
  • No salt in the pool water
  • No handling of chlorine containers
  • Production of a fresh disinfection solution on site
  • Ecological. Requires only water and salt
  • Different performance classes for pools up to 250 m³
  • Model “direct” with Marathon technology and model “tank”

Electrolysis systems are state of the art

Did you know that chlorine gradually loses its effectiveness the longer it is stored? dinotec electrolysis systems, on the other hand, produce a fresh and highly active disinfection solution on site using eco-friendly salt. Salt is added as required. There is no need to handle chlorine canisters, just salt is refilled from time to time. In addition, you save storage space. The Membrano EC systems have been specially developed for use in private pools.

dinotec is one of the leading manufacturers of electrolysis systems. The systems “Made in Germany” are used worldwide in private, commercial and public pools, and also in waterworks for the disinfection of drinking water. Please contact us for more information.